**10m TT results 26th June Record Turnout**

The warm sunny weather brought out a record 36 riders for the 10m TT.  Kim Morrison of Drag2zero got the fastest time with a 21.45, albeit slightly slower than her best with Matt Ratcliffe and Graham Denny 2nd and 3rd respectively.  A number of riders are improving quickly this year with the fastest on handicap going to Adrian Jay, and a few other PBs from Phil Hurr, Dan Wray and Phil West. It was good to see a lot of TriHarder riders and road racers using the club TT as a training session.

The layby car-park was full so please consider car-sharing or riding to the start if you can.  See you next week in Holt for the 25m TT.


26-06-18 10m TT Pretty Corner
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
KIM MORRISON D2Z 21.45  21.38
MATT RATCLIFFE NN Wheelers 21.52  21.17
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22.28  21.08
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 22.38  21.41
BRADLEY NELSON Bloodwise QSW 23.18
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 23.57  21.28
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.25  21.21
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 24.37  20.47  PB
CARL MACE Tri Harder 25.06
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 25.07  22.56
DAN WRAY NN Wheelers 25.21  20.50 PB
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 25.38  20.23
JOHN MORGAN Tri Harder 25.52
MARKOS JANES VCN 25.56  21.15
GRAHAM TURNER North Walsham Velo 25.59
GUYMER ?? 26.15
CALLUM STEDMAN Tri Harder 26.31
ANEMA ?? 26.39
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 27.02  22.26
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 27.21  22.02
WALKER ?? 27.43
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 27.56  20.59 PB
FRANCIS GLAZEBROOK Un attached 28.06
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 28.09  22.22
KEITH BESWICK TriHarman 28.41
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 28.49  22.47
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 29.07
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 29.31
TESSA MORGAN NNW 29.46  22.13
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 33.07  21.58

Club Run to The Corner House Café at Mundesley 27 June 2018

9 met at PC for Robert’s ride to this popular coastal destination.

There was an unusual starting twist to today’s tale as we headed towards Sheringham! As we sped down Holway Road close to the speed limit there was a screech of brakes as we slowed to turn right into Woodland Rise eventually reaching the extremely busy A149. Safely (!?) integrated with the traffic we continued as far as Station Road and then the long climb up Sandy Lane to the A148 before being consumed by the Lion’s Mouth!

Our route took us through Sustead, Thurgarton, Wickmere, Ingworth and Banningham at which point we were sure we heard our leader announce that we were going to pass through Tuttington. However we travelled along the Trans Norfolk B1145 until just past Colby where we took a left to head towards the A149 crossing and Antingham. At the rail crossing we turned to Bradfield at which point we felt it a good idea to give the Café a call to tell them to reserve a table.

After Bradfield another “twist” as we reached Swafield and back on the B1145 all the way into Mundesley via Knapton. 27 miles from PC with some having pedalled almost 40 miles before lunch. There to greet us at Corner House was CJ. The variety, quality and value of the food at the Café never fails to impress and duly fed and watered we left on the Coast Road but only as far as the back lanes to Gimingham and Southrepps. At this point Malcolm continued on to Thorpe Market and then home while the remainder of the group went via Northrepps and Felbrigg to Metton, Gresham and back to PC.

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s run.

Alan, Gilly, Graham, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robert, Stephen, CJ (at the Café)

42 miles PC to PC

(The only real technical apart from a dropped chain early on was a minor GPS glitch that at one point appeared to want us to follow it rather than Robert’s preferred route)

15m TT results 19/6/18

19-06-18 15m TT Aylmerton-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOBY MORRELL NN Wheelers 33.54
ROB WARWICKER Tri- Anglia 34.26
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 34.40 PB
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 34.56 33.58
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 35.54 32.35 PB
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 36.04 29.45 PB
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 37.32 34.30
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 37.50
DAN WRAY NN Wheelers 38.51
GRAHAM TURNER NN Wheelers 39.20
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 39.46
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 43.01 33.39
KRISON KONES North Walsham Velo 43.50
BESWICK TriHarman 45.01
EDDIE ROBSON NN Wheelers 45.21 29.30 PB
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 46.29

10m TT results 12/6/18


12-06-18 10m TT Pretty Corner
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOBY MORRELL TriHarder 22.08
ROB WARWICKER Tri- Anglia 22.20
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 22.50  21.53
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22.52  21.32
BRADLEY NELSON Bloodwise QSW 22.54
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 24.12  21.43
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24.17  22.06
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24.19  21.21
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 24.48  21.46
MINSHALL Tri Harder 24.51
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.56  21.52
CARL MACE Tri Harder 25.34
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 25.51  21.13
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 26.15  20.41
GRAHAM TURNER North Walsham Velo 26.20
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 26.52  22.16
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 27.57  20.09 PB
CALLUM STEDMAN Tri Harder 28.03 Youth
KIM CHARLTON Tri Anglia 28.24
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 28.32  22.45
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 30.03
TESSA MORGAN NN Wheelers 30.55  23.27
KEITH BESWICK TriHarman 31.08

Club Run to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 20 June 2018 (updated)

Alan’s run to Coltishall – words by Alan

6 members met at PC for the Wednesday ride.

Despite the gusty SW wind we headed South towards Corpusty before turning East past Mannington Hall to Itteringham, Oulton, Oulton Street, Cawston and Swannington. Then up through the woods to Felthorpe heading East to Shorthorn Road before crossing the A140 to Hainford, Frettenham and down into Coltishall and the welcoming sight of our destination. Here we joined CJ for a well-earned lunch and rest in the sun.

Following the break we headed up past Coltishall to Tuttington, across A140 again, Dunkirk, up to Erpingham via the potholed road, Calthorpe, Alborough, Gresham and finally PC.

Alan, Jane (fresh from her epic ride), Kevin, Peter, Robert, Robin

51 miles PC to PC


We hope to include more detail of Jane’s epic ride after getting some details from her.

Meanwhile a quick mention of Robin who had the “honour” of wearing Damiano Cunego’s 2004 Giro d’Italia Pink jersey for 2 days in a recent Italian Sportive (or Gran Fondo) in recognition of his sterling efforts up and over the Dolomites. He was the only person not to dismount on gradients exceeding 10% (the steepest being over 20%) despite being the oldest entrant by some 25 years. What can you say!?!

coltishall run

Club Run to The Norton Café at Walsingham 13 June 2018

On what promised to be a more or less perfect day for cycling 11 met at PC for Kevin’s ride West to Walsingham.

So we went due South of course passing through Barningham, Matlaske, Wolterton and Itteringham. Just before reaching the top of the hill and the Blickling Road we headed West for the first time bisecting Corpusty and Saxthorpe and onwards to Thurning.

Now Kevin is probably the youngest of the Wednesday bunch and at times it was a bit of an effort to match his youthful pace and so it was as we sped on to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston, over the A148 Holt Road to Little Snoring, Great Snoring and finally The Walsinghams.

For those that don’t know, Norton’s Café Bar is based at The Shrine of Our Lady and is on the lower level of The Pilgrim Refectory, the upper level being reserved for residents. The Café Bar was busy but there was still space enough outside for all, including Geoff P and Chris (CJ) who were there to meet us.

After some fine and friendly al fresco “dining” the 11 (Geoff and CJ having gone their own separate ways) left Little Walsingham for Great Walsingham passing over the River Stiffkey to then head due North in the direction of Wighton.

Now pedalling eastwards we reached Binham where we said goodbye to Barry, Peter and Paula and then on to Langham and Glandford. From here we plunged South via Letheringsett, Hunworth and Stody to Briston where we bade farewell to Robin. The remaining 7 headed in the direction of Edgefield and Baconsthorpe losing Andrew (of his own choosing of course) on the way.

Of the remaining 6, Alan, Alban, Geoff O and Kevin made their way to different parts of the North Coast or thereabouts while Malcolm and David C carried on to pass within a whisper (okay a shout) of PC, the former taking the Gresham, Bessingham route towards home while the latter had decided that a cup of tea in the sumptuous grounds of Felbrigg Hall would round his day off nicely!

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Barry, David C, Geoff O, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robin

53 miles PC to PC. 75 miles for at least one!

Hilly Time Trial 6th June

A dozen riders took on the challenge on the Norfolk Hills on a cool cloudy night, typical of the summer so far up here on the coast.   Fresh from the Tour of Cambridge Mike Padfield took the win by nearly 2 minutes, with Graham Denny second and Phil Watkins third (both with personal best times, and Phil with the best handicap time).

Amanda Marshall got a pb with a time just under the hour.  Christine Cooke just managed to find the start on time but failed at navigating around the course, but said that she had a good ride anyway!

There was plenty of banter as usual at the end of the evening, particularly about the excitement of getting to ride in the new club kit next week….

Thanks to all the timekeepers, marshals and riders that helped make this event happen.

6th June 18.7m Hilly TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 47.36  45.37
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 49.28  45.00 PB
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 49.50  44.17 PB
BRYCE PEGG Alymerton RC 51.37
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 52.46
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 54.22  45.00
KATE LUCAS Great Yarmouth CC 58.27
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 59.00  45.46
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley CC 62.35
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 63.30

Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 6 June 2018

JD ride to Reepham Railway, Part the First.

So, in promising weather, eight assembled at PC for a ride to the Railway Café at Reepham. Our leader knew that the wind direction would be favourable for a predominantly southward journey, having already come up from the Aylsham direction.

6 June 18

We headed west firstly through West Beckham and despite having two riders with 200 miles in their legs, maintained a tidy pace until Edgefied, where a puncture (I should have realised that buying a tyre with a brand name “Detonator” was a mistake!) delayed us more than it should have – nearly 20 minutes, mainly due to a sticky valve and a close fitting rim.

On our way again, we headed towards Sharrington (yes, we were going to Reepham!) before dropping down to Swanton Novers to meet the Fulmodeston / Hindelveston road. It was then eastward now until going below the Themelthorpe loop to join the Trans-Norfolk Highway (without which no JD ride is complete) for the last mile or two to the café. So far it was 27.5 miles at 14.4 mph average.

A good range of options here, including a tasty looking chorizo sausage roll, well-received  coronation chicken and slurpy tomato soup.

The peloton left our leader here and……..

Part the Second

After some initial confusion as to who was going with who and where, John D headed off along the TNH in the direction of Cawston leaving the rest of us to follow a direct route via Salle and Thurning to Briston. Shortly thereafter Andrew, Alban and Stephen made tracks for the North Coast and the remaining 4 pedalled north easterly to Edgefield and Baconsthorpe where there was another split as Kevin left us.

2 Wheelers went via Gresham and Metton to Roughton and then home, one on his bike the other in his just serviced car. In the end only one Wheeler returned to PC, a gallant John S who completed the run despite a pulled calf muscle.

Many thanks to John D for leading today’s ride which followed an enjoyable route and such is John’s knowledge of the lanes he seemed to be making it up as he went along – probably the best way!

Alan, Alban, Andrew, John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen

45 miles PC to PC