Wheelers Drive and Ride 5th February 2020 

We will meet at the Weavers Way Car Park at the old Honing Station (which is closer to Briggate).  We will ride off at 10:30 am as normal.


You will most likely be approaching from North Walsham on the A149.  Take the left turn into Station Road towards Honing.  The turn is signposted Honing and Briggate.  To the right is Worstead.  This is a junction most of you will recognise.  Pass through Briggate and over the small bridge over the North Walsham and Dilham canal.  The car park is about 200m on the left after you have gone over the canal.  It’s easy to spot.  Putting NR28 9QX into your sat. nav. will get you close.

Here’s a Street View image of the entrance.

See you there!




Club Run to The Courtyard Café, Pensthorpe 18 January 2020

Words by Geoff – leader for the day

Three out from Pretty Corner rode down to Itteringham Bridge where we were to pick up a fourth rider. We then back-tracked to go via Mannington Hall and then down to Corpusty, where we picked up the back roads to take us towards Briston. Turning off at Sandy Lane we made our way to Hindolveston and then Fulmodeston with a hard push to ride to Kettlestone.

The ride so far had been into a hard head wind but with little flooding or mud and no ice.

An alternative route here would have been to ride down to Stibbard and then to Great Ryburgh and up the hills. However, wiser heads decided against this as we had escaped the worst of the flooding so far and the climb out of Great Ryburgh may have been problematic with mud. Instead, from Kettlestone, we made a quick ride to the Pensthorpe Café which was its usual excellent self – fast service and an extensive menu.

Our route back was via Fakenham roundabouts to Hindringham and then Sharringtom, Briston and then home to Sheringham.

Excellent weather – good tail wind on the return.

Our commiserations and best wishes to club member Mark who was pole axed by ice coming out to join us. Damage to his bike meant that he could not continue and he had to return home.

Riders : Brian, Malcolm, Graham and Geoff ( Mark in spirit )

PC to PC 50 miles

Club Run to The Norton Café at Little Walsingham 15 January 2020

After last week’s first Wednesday Run of the year, this week Andrew B led us on his first run in the “leader’s jersey” to what is becoming a firm favourite for a lunch stop. A couple of days before, Andrew was concerned that the forecast rain could create some serious flooding on his chosen route – and he was about right!

After just a few miles as 8 Wheelers headed southwards from PC a concerned motorist warned of floods ahead but we had already been through two so we nonchalantly rode on.

We passed through Plumstead, Edgefield and Stody and then in fairly quick succession 2 riders punctured. Neither held us up for long and we continued on bypassing Brinton, Sharrington and Bale to Binham. By the way did I mention the floods?

After Binham it was a straightforward route via Copys Green and Great Walsingham to welcome refreshments at the Norton Café.

Mark left us as he had some wiring to inspect so 7 retraced their steps to Great Walsingham and followed the long Walsingham Road to Binham and thereafter Langham. The group was together at this point but split after Malcolm punctured courtesy of two thorns, one of which was refusing to budge and caused a longer stop than he had hoped for. Thanks to Alan for staying back to help out.

Coincidentally our leader had also punctured a bit further up the road. As a result of all this 3 rode on towards home while a group of 4 eventually pedalled on to Wiveton and up to High Kelling. Here came split number 3 with just 3 continuing the gradual climb up to Geoff’s Corner. They went together as far as the junction with Red Barn Lane and the final split as 2 completed the circuit to PC and the other descended to Gresham and homewards.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading today’s ride and we look forward to the next time.

I did mention the floods didn’t I?

This week’s gold star award goes to Alan who, after a considerable lay-off with an ankle injury, has returned to the group and is pedalling like he’s never been away!

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark

40 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Club Run, 11/1/20

4 Wheelers met at PC to pick up one more at Erpingham for a bright and breezy run to the ever popular Cart Gap Café.

While some roads were drying out there was still plenty of standing water to be found as we made our way via Banningham, Tuttington, Beck Lane, Skeyton, Scottow, Sloley and the lanes to Mill Road, Chapel Road and Smallburgh. Then came Dilham, Honing and East Ruston. After crossing the B1159 we followed more lanes passing by Brumstead and Lessingham reaching the café after some 30 miles from PC.

There to meet us was Geoff. The café was busy but the service efficient and friendly and after a good refuel we left for the return leg,

The route back was Whimpwell Green, Walcott Green, Ridlington Street, Edingthorpe Street, Paston Green, Knapton, Trunch, Lower Street and Thorpe Market. At Hanworth the group split with 2 heading for Aldborough and completing the Erpingham to Erpingham circuit with the remainder pedalling back to PC.

Brian, Geoff, Harvey, Kevin, Malcolm, Scott

45.5 miles Erpingham to Erpingham

55 miles PC to PC

EDCA handbooks

The Eastern District Cycling Association handbook has been published.  This list time trials, reliability rides and road races in the Eastern Region.  If you want copy please order direct from EDCA or collect.

“EDCA 2020 handbooks are now available.

These will be for sale at the EDCA prize giving at Carbrooke VH on Sunday 26th January. Price on the day will be £2.50 per copy.

Handbooks will also be made available for local cycle shops (e.g. Madgetts, Pedal Revolution, TriHarder etc.) Cover price £3.00

Individuals may purchase directly from me Steve Penney ( smpenney@outlook.com )
1 copy £ 4.00 posted.
2 copies £ 7.00
3 copies £ 10.00
4 copies £ 12.50
5 copies £ 15.00

(All proceeds from the sale of handbooks goes to the EDCA)”

Club Run to The Kingfisher Café at Walcott 8 January 2020

The inaugural Wednesday Run of 2020, on familiar roads to a familiar location, led by Malcolm, what could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps the weather for a start which was wetter than forecast but not to worry we thought as 7 set off from PC. However it wasn’t long (less than 1/4 mile) before the group was brought to a halt after one rider experienced an alarming shimmy from the front end of his bike. Unfortunately he had to return to PC but fortunately his car was parked there.

So 6 followed a straight path to Itteringham and thereafter Ingworth, Aylsham, and Tuttington. We soon joined the Skeyton Road and expected a smooth run up to North Walsham but the puncture gremlins struck twice and delayed us by 20 minutes or more. A quick courtesy call to the café was required but back on the road we passed through North Walsham and on to White Horse Common and Ebridge Mill. Shortly after, with Malcolm pressing on, a call went out that Stephen and Andrew were well off the back – another mechanical!  The foursome was told to carry on and they arrived at the café to be met by Alan who was on another bike and wondering where we had got to! No sign of Andrew or Stephen during lunch so they must have headed back home after all.

The weather had cleared up quite well and the group of 5 followed a direct route back towards PC via Bacton, Edingthorpe, Paston Green, Knapton, Trunch, Bradfield, Lower Street, Thorpe Market and Hanworth, where there was a two way split as one half returned to PC and the other towards Thurgarton and thereafter the coast for one and North Walsham the other.

Run 8 Jan 20

In spite of the incidents it was a good ride out and a quick update on Andrew and Stephen who did indeed head back but both arrived home safely sharing out their meagre rations on the way!

We’ve yet to hear the final outcome of Alan’s earlier mechanical but the favourite (if not at all desirable) is that the fork steerer had started to detach itself from the blades – just as well that the failure occurred at low speed!

Alan, Andrew C, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen

45.5 miles PC to PC

Several riders exceeded 60 miles today but the gold star award goes to Jane.

2019 Runs (update by demand)

Saturday Sixties -(from Pretty Corner – some do less via pick-up and drop-off points).

52 runs // Most individual rides: 48 // Maximum aggregate distance: 3488 miles // Maximum average: 70.5 miles // Longest individual ride: 111 miles.

17 cafes visited // Most visits: 6 – (Pensthorpe Courtyard Cafe).

Largest bunch: 10 – (two consecutive Saturdays in May)

Most distant points from Sheringham: Roydon Common and Gayton Thorpe.

Most punctures: Geoff // Most dramatic mechanical failure: Brian // Highest calorific intake: 27 kcals per mile (Ben) // Comeback of the year: Mark Mc. // “Haven’t got a clue where I am” award: Barry.

Quiz winner: Geoff

Quiz answers: 1. Cutthroat Lane; 2. Tabnabs; 3. (Erpingham) Eagle; 4. Waxham Great Barn; 5. Norton; 6. Abel Heath; 7. (Cart Gap) Smallsticks Cafe; 8. a) Butcher b) Nelson; 9. Gressenhall Museum; 10. Bircham Windmill; 11. Mundesley; 12. Worstead; 13. The Fork in Hoe; 14. Bawdeswell (The Reeve’s Tale:- ‘Of Northfolk was this Reve of which I telle, Biside a toun men clepen Baldeswelle. Tukked he was as is a frere aboute, And evere he rood the hyndreste of oure route’. – [Geoff?]); 15. Wolferton (RS Valentine, civil engineer); 16. Red Lion.

Club Run, 4/1/20.

It was a shame that those still labouring under their winter viruses had to miss out on an exceptionally benign early January day. Four left PC to collect one more on the bridge at Itteringham. Riding in bright sunshine into a stiff west south westerly, the bunch went by way of Corpusty, Tyby, Guestwick, Nethergate, Hindolveston, Fulmodeston, Barney, Thursford Green and Little Snoring airfield to the very busy Courtyard Cafe at Pensthorpe, where the service was superb. The route back blasted up the bypass for a mile and a half in order to get onto the Thorpland Hall road to Great Snoring and then on to Hindringham, Bale and the series of familiar villages leading over to Edgefield and eastwards via Barningham Green to the final split at Erpingham and lone last legs home of varying length.

Group: Barry; Brian; Harvey; Malcolm; Mark.

PC to PC: 59 miles // Max: 74 miles.