Club Run to Whitwell Station on 31/7/2021

Variable forecasts during this unsettled summer, all blown up by news media hype, restricted today’s bunch to three Wheelers. The scheduled East Rudham run was pushed forward a week and replaced by an impromptu trip to the ever-growing and increasingly popular cafe at Whitwell station. This turned out to be a rather unusual anti-clockwise loop, heading west by way of West Beckham, Bodham and Salthouse Heath as far as Wiveton, before turning south and south east to Letheringsett, Thornage, Burgh Stubbs, Hindolveston, Guestwick Green, Themelthorpe and Whitwell Common to the cafe, where the conversation turned once again to the thorny questions of the nature of cycling club runs and the appropriate format for North Norfolk Wheelers club runs?

Conditions: – Following sustained breakfast time rain and warnings of more to come, the morning weather proved to be fair and breezy with sunny spells developing. These pleasant conditions were rudely interrupted at about 1.50 by a stormy cloudburst in the vicinity of Blackwater Equestrian Centre and Great Witchingham. However, despite towering anvil clouds to the south and south east, the bunch were able to remove their rain jackets by Brandiston. The bad weather continued to move towards Norwich and the Broads.

The return route travelled south for a bit before looping east to the Witchinghams, Brandiston, Buxton, Brampton, then heading for home through Tuttington, Banningham, Ingworth, Dark Lane, Wickmere, Thurgarton, Sustead church, Lower Gresham and a three way split at Gresham church, where the Wheelers talked for a while to a former Clarence Wheeler and Herne Hill trackman who used to ride a Flying Scot from Rattrays of Glasgow.

Both the grizzled ultra-veteran Brian and the former Birmingham cyclo-cross man Neil, who is approaching retirement age but still working fifty hours a week as a joiner and handyman, were going like trains today.

Bunch: Brian; Neil; Harvey.

Distances: 60 to 71 miles.

Club Run to The Tea Post, North Elmham on 28th July 2021

There were four riders who followed Graham’s route to North Elmham, his first ride as leader. There were two guest riders, Dave from Cambridge and Phil from Holt. All enjoyed a dry ride on a stormy day. At Stibbard there were a few spots of rain forcing us to don waterproofs but by the time we got them on there was nothing to worry about. There was a gusty head wind but there was plenty of shelter. Phil punctured at North Elmham pound.  The food at The Teapot was well worth the service wait. Phil had to get back to Holt so rode back solo, while the three remaining riders enjoyed a following wind and sunshine all the way back to PC via Foxley, Guestwick and Corpusty. 

PC to PC was 53 miles

Robert, Dave, and Phil, led by Graham A.

15m TT start list 27th July

15m TT Aylmerton-Holt 27/7/21 – 7pmTimeHandicap
1Towning, SusieNNW  
2Daykin, TimNNW  
3Maynard, JonNNW  
4Marshall, AmandaNNW  
5Hayward, JohnNNW  
6Thorold, GuyNNW  
7Jay, AdyNNW  
8Jay, SarahNNW  
9Johnson, BenECR  
10Padfield, MikeNNW  
11Platts, BrianNNW  
12Morgan, JohnNNW  
13Walsh, NigelNNW  
14Denny, GrahamNNW  
15Harrowing, PaulNNW  
16Watkins, PhilNNW  
17Spooner, BrianVC Norwich  
18Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell  
19Rust, SueGuest  
20Sparrow, JamieKLCC  

Club Run to Mattishall on 24/7/2021

Only Geoff, Brian, Neil and Harvey were able to get out for this 100K run calling at Tabnabs cafe, where the food was up to its usual first class standard. The route was by way of Itteringham, Witchingham, Collin Green, Primrose Green, Peaseland Green, Brakefield Green, Clint Green, Etling Green, Sparham, Guestwick and Briston to a three-way split at West Beckham.

Distances: 65 miles to 77 miles.

Two punctures, including a badly split tyre, which was replaced with a spare Michelin Pro 4.

Next week (31/7) we will probably switch to Jane’s at East Rudham, via Sculthorpe watermill. This is for the benefit of someone who wants to do that ride but can’t make the following week (7/8).

TT Results 20th July

10m TT Pretty Corner20-July-21 – 7pm startClubTimeHandicap 
19Morrison, KimDrag2Zero20.46  20 35New Course Record
23Partridge, NickVC Baracchi20.53  
18Supple, StuartVC Baracchi21.12  
10Padfield, MikeNNW21.46  21 07 
16Watkins, PhilNNW22.27  22 35 
14Denny, GrahamNNW22.33  22 08 
22Swan, AdamGuest22.34  
21Swan, LilleGuest23.37  
4Martin, MichaelNNW23.47  
9Johnson, BenECR23.54  21 33 
12Morgan, JohnNNW24.48  21 51 
7Jay, AdyNNW25.23  20 47 
3Maynard, JonNNW25.49  21 23 
5Hayward, JohnNNW26.02  22 26 
17Farrell, PeteECR26.17   
1Aggers, MickMelton Olympic CC26.18  
11Platts, BrianNNW26.32  22 09 
6Thorold, GuyNNW26.33  23 12 
8Jay, SarahNNW27.32  22 47 
2Daykin, TimNNW28.12  21 40 

Club Run to The Crown Inn at Banningham on 21st July 2021

Eight Wheelers met at PC on a perfect summer day – warm sunshine and a light breeze.  Eight was a lucky number as this just happened to be the number that Jane had plucked out of the air when booking an outdoor table at the Crown at Banningham (the pub assured us that booking was essential).  The route was a clockwise circuit taking in Baconsthorpe, Edgefield Street, Heydon (where we cycled through the park without disturbing the bull who was lying happily in the shade with his cows), Aylsham and Banningham where we mostly enjoyed a good, though rather slow, lunch.  Unfortunately Stephen had ordered garlic ciabatta which was announced to be unavailable, but not soon enough for him to order an alternative, he made do with some crisps…. The return leg was through Antingham, Trunch, South & North Repps, Metton and Gresham with Chris, Graham A, Robert and Graham (?) all peeling off at various points before getting back to PC.  

PC to PC was 45 miles, the longest trip was about 73 miles (Stephen, on just a bag of crisps!)

Andrew B, Chris, Graham A, Graham J, Kevin, Robert and Stephen, led by Jane A.

TT start list 20th July

Note a few permanent number changes for the second half of the season. Please swap your numbers over at the start.


10m TT Pretty Corner20-July-21 – 7pm startClubNotes
1Aggers, MickMelton Olympic CC 
2Daykin, TimNNW 
3Maynard, JonNNW 
4Marshall, AmandaNNW 
5Hayward, JohnNNWnumber change
6Thorold, GuyNNW 
7Jay, AdyNNW 
8Jay, SarahNNW 
9Johnson, BenECR 
10Padfield, MikeNNW 
11Platts, BrianNNW 
12Morgan, JohnNNWnumber change
13Walsh, NigelNNWnumber change
14Denny, GrahamNNWnumber change
15Harrowing, PaulNNWnumber change
16Watkins, PhilNNWnumber change
17Farrell, PeteECR 
18Supple, StuartGuest 
19Morrison, KimDrag2Zeronumber change
20Sparrow, JamieKLCCnumber change
21Swan, LilleGuest 
22Swan, AdamGuest 
23Partridge, NickGuest 

Club Run on 17th July 2021

Nine Wheelers turned out for this 60 odd miles tour of some of north east Norfolk’s smaller lanes. The bright and breezy conditions were ideal for riding these ‘agricultural’ roads. When riding a route such as this it is always interesting to hear people who have been cycling in the area for twenty years and more remark that they have no idea where they are. I won’t spoil their fun by disclosing where they were, but we did visit Wickmere Lower Street, Great Wood Mausoleum, Meeting House Hill, Hill 60, the Harvey Estate and Sally Bean’s House.

Refuelling was in the beer garden at the Lighthouse Inn.

One slow unauthorised deflation. One strained knee. One rider hearing voices.

One rider from nine made it back to the finish, representing a failure rate of 88.8888%.

Bunch: – Ben; Brian; Chris; Geoff; Graham A; Graham J; Harvey; Mark; Matty.

Obviously distances varied a lot, but the Mutton lads put in 87 miles. A clear case of Muttons performing like lambs.

13th July TT results and Zak Carr Trophy Results

A typical night of racing on the North Norfolk Coast with a cool northerly off the sea which slowed a few people down a bit. Winner of the Zak Carr Trophy based on fastest handicap time was Mike Padfield in 21.13, closely followed by Susie Towning 21.15 with Graham Denny 21.31 rounding out the podium.

10m TT Pretty Corner ‘Zak Carr Trophy’*13-July-21 – 7pm start   
10Padfield, MikeNNW21.52  21 13
21Denny, GrahamNNW22.58  21 31
14Watkins, PhilNNW23.28  22 56
4Hurr, PhilNNW23.43  21 35
20Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell24.18 
22Harrowing, PaulNNW24.18  22 19
27Stark, ColinEarlybirds24.31 
17Walsh, NigelNNW24.39  22 24
9Johnson, BenECR24.49  22 28
16Morgan, JohnNNW25.12  22 15
18Hayward, JohnNNW25.25  21 49
3Maynard, JonNNW26.08  21 42
19Aggers, MickMelton Olympic CC26.45 
23Kondor, GarySherwood CC26.47 
6Thorold, GuyNNW26.51  23 30
8Jay, SarahNNW26.56  22 11
1Towning, SusieNNW27.01  21 15
11Platts, BrianNNW27.19  23 56
7Jay, AdyNNW27.34  22 58
2Daykin, TimNNW28.51  22 19
13Coney, PhilMelton Olympic CC29.32 
5Williams, Stuart NNW29.50  22 10
*winner based on fastest handicap time    

Club Run to The Lighthouse at Walcott on 14th July 2021

Four riders met at PC on an overcast and windy summer’s day. Unfortunately, Robert had to abandon due to mechanical problems before the start. The route to Walcott took us through Matlaske, Calthorpe and then Banningham (to avoid Aylsham town centre), then onto Swanton Abbot, Honing (avoiding John’s house!), finally arriving at the Lighthouse Café at just gone noon having made good progress with the wind behind us.

We decided to sit outside for lunch which in retrospect was a mistake given the cold wind. The British seaside in July! However, it was a good meal and the portions certainly set us up for the trip back!  John S left us a few miles after starting the route back to make his way home. By then it was evident that we would have to battle against a strong head wind all the way back. The remaining two of us made our way back, taking turns on front  through Knapton, Trunch, Southrepps, Northrepps, Metton and Gresham, where we split for our different routes home.

Many thanks to Jane A who provided, and test rode an excellent route but was unable to attend on the day.

PC to PC was 45 miles

John S, Mark and Robert, led by Andrew B.