For Sale


I have for sale a Cervelo S3 (54cms) 2015.
Ridden about a dozen times towards the back end of last summer. In very good condition.

Shimano 11 speed Di2,
Rotor 3D crank,
Shimano DuraAce clincher wheel set with Schwalbe One  23mm tyres,
and Cervelo Carbon aero bars from an S5.
My Consultant has told me not to ride in such an aggressive position when I’m able to get out on the road. I have considered one or two modifications to make it a more upright ride, but, frankly, this would look and feel pretty ridiculous on what is really a bike built for racing. So, reluctantly, I’ve decided to sell.
I’ll be popping it round to Greg at Black Bikes in a day or two, so it can be viewed there.
Open to offers from anyone who’s in the market for an N+1.
Should add that the aero bars probably make it more like a 54.5 than a 54, but still have the originals if anyone prefers those.
David Carrier.

Club Run to The Great Deluge – 9 July 2016

Club Run to The Great Deluge – 9 July 2016 

This club run was originally billed as one to the Hoe café of Inspirations and with that in mind four club members turned up for a Saturday treat. One, totally oblivious of the impending rain storm about to descend upon the group, even came out without a rain top.

Leaving Pretty Corner we made our way to Corpusty where we had fading expectations of further riders. By now the rain was falling not in buckets but bath tubs on the riders. The roads had by now given way to rivers and there was as much water coming up as coming down.

A committee meeting was taken and the vote was to ride for another hour to see if the weather would improve. Our route was Little London (now Little Venice), Wood Dalling (the Bermuda Triangle), Tyby, Foulweathersham and finally Bintree Mill Underwater.It was here that a decision was taken to ride back to base as the continuing downpour showed no sign of abating.

And just when you thought things could not get any worse one rider punctured. Fixing wheels in pouring rain is an art form – especially when the valve decides to extracts itself from the inner tube. A few miles later the tyre deflated again to more consternation of the rider. However, North Norfolk wheelers are made of stern stuff and with no problems the wheel was fixed and homeward bound we rode.

Our way home was via Guist, Hindolveston, Craymere, Briston, Baconsthorpe and West Beckham. It was at the Hindolveston cross road we said farewell to Barry the sun finally put in an appearance which was by now a little late.

BUT better days are ahead and next Saturdays ride will be in glorious sunshine

Order of Merit: Barry, Geoff, Graham, Harvey.

Distances: 38-54 miles – (non-stop, but two punctures).






Club Run Accident – Malcolm – Updated

Malcolm writes:

I was discharged from the Norfolk and Norwich yesterday and am now at
home in recovery.

Apart from the inevitable cuts and bruises the actual treated injuries
were a closed fracture of the left distal radius (wrist joint) which
has been fixed with a plate and screws and a left acetabular fracture
(fractured left hip socket) which has been left to heal naturally.
This will mean non weight bearing for about 8 weeks (by which time my
wrist will be healed) and then back on the road in a further month all
being well.

After a long recovery from last year’s accident I am obviously having
a bit of difficulty coming to terms with this and am pretty angry with
the dog owner for not having his dog on a lead or at least waiting
with his dog until the road was clear. As far as I know the dog is
okay (at least it was immediately after the impact) – tough as old
boots these labradors.

I am sad to miss (what should at least be) the warmest and sunniest
part of the year but look forward to the time when I can join you on
club runs again.

All the best



We wish Malcolm the very best return to riding with us





I am extremely sorry to report that on Wednesdays club run there was an accident in which one of our riders – Malcolm Stanley –  was seriously injured. The incident took place as we headed for Briston and was due to a person not having control over his dog which was loose and ran into the path of the group causing the accident. An ambulance was called for and Malcolm was taken to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

The latest information we have is that he appears to have sustained a broken his wrist, fractured his pelvis, and a third fracture of his hip joint.

I will keep you updated as and when we hear further details of how Malcolm is progressing.

Holt-Fakenham 25m TT report

A fine evening (for a change) beckoned 11 riders for the club 25m time trial.  This rolling course with some poor road surfaces is about 5 minutes slower based on a finish time of an hour compared to the fastest courses in the region (e.g. the A11).

With most club riders being in action at either the Norwich ABC or EDCA events there may have been a few heavy legs, however this was not reflected in the times.  There were 2 course PBs, 2 outright PBs and the course record was broken by Charlie Nurse.  In form John Morgan beat his course PB by nearly 2 minutes and has probably sewn up all the handicap trophies this year, with Mike Padfield getting under the hour for the first time on this course.  Nigel Walsh also got a PB.

Now halfway through the club’s TT season and summer finally here (at least this week) we will see if the times continue to improve in the next three months or whether riders have already reached their peak performance.  

Thanks to the riders, timekeepers and marshals.

NB.  In a change to marshal Bruce William’s normal role of helping riders get safely round the course, he needed assistance himself after filling up his classic ‘E’ Type car with diesel instead of petrol!  He still cheered on the riders from the Thursford layby.  It all got sorted out eventually and we look forward to seeing him at the next race.

Name Time Club Handicap time Notes
CHARLIE NURSE 54.05 NNW 54.17 Course Record
JOHN MORGAN 1.01.17 NNW 52.59 CPB
NIGEL WALSH 1.01.55 NNW 54.40 PB
JOHN HAYWARD 1.02.45 NNW 55.41
MARKOS JANES 1.08.27 PedalRev
GUY THOROLD 1.10.53 NNW 55.50
ROBSON 1.14.30 TriHarman

Club Run to The Waxham Great Barn – 2 July 2016

Club Run to The Waxham Great Barn – 2 July 2016 

We had ridden to this destination earlier in the year when the weather threw everything at us on the outward and even on the homeward ride.This time we expected an easier day with a fair wind and just the hint of rain. With two from Pretty Corner and two more from Banningham we set out on this classic club run.

The route out was via Sustead, Banningham, Hylton Crossways, Swanton Hill, Honing, Brumstead, Ingham, Calthorpe.

The café was strangely quiet with few visitors which meant service was fast. Bearing in mind the ever darkening sky’s we did not linger and made a fast “exit”.

Our route back was via Happisburgh Common, Crostwight Heath, Dilham, Worstead, Skeyton, Tuttington, Erpingham.

Our luck finally ran out as we headed for Skeyton and rain fell from the heavens making the group of four fracture with two riders heading for home at a rate of knots and the remaining two hammering home to Sheringham and beyond. With the temperature dropping like a stone this part of the ride was reminiscent of our previous club run. Thankfully the weather did not hold for long and warm sunshine returned to dry us by the time we arrived home.

Another excellent ride despite the weather.

Roll of Honour: Trevor, Malcolm, Harvey and Geoff

Showers 1 Punctures 1

PC to PC: 66 miles

Banningham to Banningham: 45 miles

Max: 78 miles

Next week, picking up at Corpusty village green (10.35) for Inspirations, Hoe. Come along and join the superb club run on many unknown lanes!





Club Run to The Olive Branch – 29 June 2016- – Leader John Dimascio

We went the direct way to Itteringham via Barningham (after repairing a water bottle holder!). Then we diverted through Oulton past the recently burnt-out hall to Oulton Street. Approaching Aylsham from Abel Heath we ducked and dived around the towns lanes and its more expensive residences to Dunkirk, crossing the A140 at the second attempt (the men revolting at the first choice route due to mud). The riders were however treated to a tour of the factory’s on the industrial estate which was quite entertaining.

 We then headed through Tuttington, Swanton Abbot and Sloley to arrive at the eastern end of the Tunstead dual carriageway, but a few pedal strokes from our destination.

Lunch was its normal mouth watering excellence as were the bikes and associated cycling gear at the back on the café.

Heading back, we went across the railway twice and then via St James, Great Hautbois to Skeyton where our leader made his farewells.

Rain, never far away, finally fell on the riders on their way home.

Nevertheless, an excellent days riding so thank you John.

PC – PC 47 miles

Roll of Honour: John D, Andrew, Malcolm, Trevor,  Robert, Kevin, Geoff