Club Run to The Bluebell at North Walsham 21 June 2017

Nine Wheelers met for Andrew’s run to The Bluebell on a warm summer’s day; eight regulars and, always very welcome all the way from Leicestershire, Graham!

Down and up and then along to Mill Road before the fast descent into Gresham. Following the Cromer Road (at a good pace) we reached Metton and then the junction with the B1436. Andrew clearly had “good legs” today! Although busy as usual we didn’t have to wait too long at the junction before we were able to exit and take a left off the B road and then follow a more or less straight course to Northrepps.

Southrepps came soon after and then Trunch at which point we had the choice of Mundesley Road or Knapton Road. After a slight hesitation and even a little deviation we followed the former; however not quite as far as Mundesley as we effectively u-turned and headed back up towards Knapton.

Andrew needed an extra loop as otherwise we would arrive a little early for lunch so we went cross country via Paston Green, Edingthorpe and Bacton Village and down towards Walcott. Resisting the temptation of an ice cream by the seaside we turned off the Coast Road and, following Mill Common Road and Bachelor’s Lane, joined the Happisburgh Road (which soon becomes the North Walsham Road) at Ridlington. At Ebridge Mill The NW Road becomes Happisburgh Road but before the latter became New Road and totally confused everybody we turned right into Pound Road which eventually led to Bluebell Road (hooray – must be the pub at the end of this!)

CJ was tucking into his lunch as we parked the bikes in the garden at the back of the pub but it wasn’t long before everyone had received their order.

Suitably refreshed Andrew led the remaining 8 (Malcolm having headed off home) a familiar direct route back towards Pretty Corner via Bradfield, Thorpe Market, Hanworth and Gresham.

Thanks to Andrew for leading the ride.

Alan, Andrew, Graham, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Robert, Robin, Trevor. CJ at the pub.

PC to PC 41 miles

15m TT results 20/6/17

With the heat wave disappearing and a brisk NE wind off the sea it was a tale of two halves..  As Matt Ratcliffe said it was an enjoyable 7.5 miles out (with a nice tailwind and pretty much downhill) followed by another 7.5 miles of torture (headwind and uphill).  That sums up quite a few of the TTs on our often windy coastal courses.  The top three were all the 34s with no PBs as to be expected, apart from Sarah Jay who bucked the trend and almost beat her husband to much amusement from both parties.

Thanks to the riders, marshals and timekeepers for another great evening of racing.

20th June 2017 15m Aylmerton-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
MATT RATCLIFFE Iceni velo 34.15
AIDEN BOND NNW 34.31 36.21
KARL READ NNW 36.29 34.59
JOHN MORGAN NNW 37.14 36.19
CARL MACE Tri-Harder 41.52
GUY THOROLD NNW 42.22 36.18
JON BEVERLEY TriHarman 42.25
ADRIAN JAY TriHarman 42.55
SARAH JAY TriHarman 43.16 PB

Robin Rush MBE

Robin Rush

The club is very proud to learn that Robin has been awarded an MBE in recognition of his charity raising efforts over the past 40 years.

Robin, who celebrates his 76th birthday next month, has raised more than £150,000 for good causes, ranging from Buxton and Lamas Sea Scouts, to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), by competing in cycling and running events all over the UK and Europe.

As well as running ten marathons, he has taken part in Cromer’s Boxing Day swim for 20 years and completed cycling challenges including riding 1,000 miles from Switzerland to Budapest. Last year he gained the accolade of being the oldest of 20 riders to complete the 1,000 -mile journey from Lands’ End to John O’Groats.

To add to this incredible list Robin will be raising money in a couple of weeks’ time for WheelPower (who are a children’s wheel chair sports charity) by cycling the Diss 100. If you would like to donate to this charity then you can either donate via his fund raising page or alternatively send a cheque to: 13 Pound Lane, Aylesham, Norfolk, NR11 6DR



Club Run to Smallsticks at Cart Gap 17 June 2017

Seven riders – no not the same seven that came out on Wednesday – gathered for Malcolm’s run to Cart Gap!

The last time we went to CG an anti-clockwise route was chosen so this time on reaching Ingworth we continued along Priory Lane and eventually to Calthorpe; then a direct northerly route via Aldborough to Sustead. Already it was pretty warm and keeping well hydrated was going to be important today. As we headed towards Metton we met David C out for a morning spin and he decided to join us for a while.

Having negotiated a crossing of the not too busy (for once) A140 we pedalled on to Thorpe Market thankful of the bits of shade offered along the route. The A149 proved a little busier but fortunately we were not on it for too long before the left turning at Church Road to Station Road, past the former Suffield Arms (currently being refurbished and a possible future lunch venue) and on towards Bradfield.

Having taken the quiet route to Trunch David left us and then, in order to avoid the coast road traffic around Mundesley, we went on the back road to Knapton and Paston Green. Now one of North Norfolk’s famous “black holes” came into effect or at least that’s how it appeared to the four riders who emerged at Edingthorpe Street at the junction with Rectory Road. What had happened to Geoff, Nick and Robin? We later found out that they had emerged at Bacton Gas Terminal!

The four followed a very pleasant and not very often travelled route along Rectory Road and Church Road to Bacton Village and then a blast along the coast road to Walcott, Wimpwell Green, Happisburgh and finally Cart Gap.

After fine food and hospitality al fresco style and the normal banter we were pleased to see that a little cloud cover had gathered to offer some respite from the sun and its high UV. As we headed towards Honing Malcolm decided to change the normal route through East Ruston (perhaps with memories of the sticky tar and loose chippings of a recent ride) and looped round via Crostwight where we enjoyed some splendid views. On to Briggate and Worstead and then on familiar roads to Swanton Abbott (Cheers Trevor), Felmingham (Cheers Ian) and Suffield (Cheers Geoff, Nick and Barry). Malcolm and Robin road together to the start point at Banningham.

Malcolm then bade farewell to Robin Rush MBE – oh didn’t I mention that Robin has just been awarded the MBE for all of his fundraising activities over a number of decades. Many congratulations to Robin but now of course whenever Robin joins us on wet and muddy days we shall have to lay down our jerseys before him on particularly bad sections!

Barry, Geoff, Ian, Nick, Malcolm, Robin, Trevor and David C (Metton to Trunch)

50 miles Banningham to Banningham

Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 14 June 2017

Seven Wheelers met at the start point for Trevor’s ride to Cawston.

Against a slight but warm SE breeze we headed straight down towards Plumstead before a left and swift right at Matlaske along the Wickmere Road via Wolterton to Iteringham. We then followed the course of the River Bure at the back of Blickling before joining the Blickling Road and then left to Silvergate along to Oulton Street. On joining the B1149 it was only short distance to our lunch stop destination so a loop was needed.

A right turn and then left signposted Heydon did us nicely. We all knew that a left turn would eventually be needed but the question was how far should we go towards Wood Dalling? Robin decided for us and using his expert local knowledge took us towards Salle and then the long straight stretch to Cawston. So long and so straight that it could have been built by the Romans!

Due to afternoon commitments Robin left us at this point but the six were soon made back up to seven when, on entering the café, we were greeted by CJ who had cycled out from Felbrigg to meet us.

After some nice things and the usual excellent service, we had to decide on the return route since straight back to PC via Iteringham would be a bit short and a bit repetitive. In the end Peter and Andrew cycled off towards Briston; Malcolm, Trevor, Alan and Kevin towards Buxton; CJ on his lonesome back to Felbrigg.

The core group of four made good progress albeit against a strengthening breeze (cross/headwind I guess) and after catching up with the River Bure again continued via Lamas, Badersfield and Skeyton (where we said goodbye to Trevor) to Tuttington. Then the long haul to Banningham and Colby where Malcolm headed off home and left Alan and Kevin to go via Erpingham, Aldborough and Gresham back to PC.

Thank you to Trevor and to everyone else who came out on a lovely summer’s day.

Alan, Andrew, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Robin, Trevor. CJ at the café.

PC to PC 45 miles (A few more for others – I’ll leave you to do the calculations)

Pretty Corner 10m TT results 13/6/17

18 riders made hay while the sun shone and the wind dropped, but surprisingly there were no personal bests. Woodley got oh so close and John Morgan did really well on his road bike. This bodes well for his ride next Sunday representing Great Britain in his age category at the European Triathlon Championships in Austria. The Club wish him every success.

Talking of Triathlon, it was good to see such a large turnout to the time trial of members from Tri Harman and Tri Harder.

13th June 2017 10m TT – Pretty Corner-Holt
Name Club Time Handicap time
JOHN MORGAN NNW 24.31 21.12
BRIAN PLATTS NNW 25.56 21.22
WALKER 26.06
ADRIAN JAY NNW 26.09 21.35
WALL 26.11
MARKOS JANES VCN 26.36 21.45
SIMONS 27.17
SARAH JAY TriHarman 28.09 21.13
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 28.09 21.44
TESSA MORGAN NNW 29.14 21.46

Club Run on 10/06/17

From Pretty Corner three riders made their way to the Itteringham pick up point where a further three club members were waiting to join them.

With the weather brilliant for cycling the anticipation of a glorious tour of the lanes to the Rural Life Museum were high. And this run did not disappoint! The usual route down to Gressinghall was ripped up and a great clock wise ride introduced.

We rode from Itteringham to Corpusty (past Mannington Hall) and then onwards to Wood Dalling (the Bermuda triangle of many a club ride but not this one) to Tyby, Guestwick, Foulsham, Bintree Mill, Great Heath, Brisley, Bilney Bank and finally to Gressenhall Museum and refreshments. Here, the staff were cordial and helpful with the food excellent.

Returning (now with the wind on our backs) we went via Hoe, Woodgate, Elsing, Primrose Green, Collin Green, Greensgate, Attlebridge, Swannington, Cawston, Oulton Street, Plumstead, Bodham Hill and West Beckham.

This was one of those cycling days to put away in the memory banks and keep to remind us of in the more difficult days of winter.

Members out: Harvey, Brian, Malcolm, Robin, Nick, Geoff


PC to PC 61 miles

Itteringham to Itteringham 45 miles

Maximum 78 miles



NN Wheelers at the Tour of Cambridgeshire & Goodbye to Charlie Nurse!

NN Wheelers were in action over the weekend at the Tour of Cambridge Chrono TT (a 16.2 mile TT) and the Gran Fondo (a 79.5 road race/sportive).  The events are qualifiers for the world amateur events held in Albi, France this summer, but many people enter just to experience a professionally organised event with a warm up zone, start ramp, closed roads, masseurs and free energy bars!  In fact this year it was so popular 8000 people entered the Gran Fondo, with 800 in the Chrono TT.

Charlie Nurse did well in the Chrono TT, coming 9th with a 37.09 in the competitive 40-44 age group category in a field that wouldn’t look out of place at a National Championship and included many top riders in the UK.  Mike Padfield got a PB by nearly 2 minutes with a 39.37, Andrew Knowles got 40.15 beating his last time by 5 minutes and Nigel Walsh also got a PB with a 42.57.

The following day in the Gran Fondo Mike Padfield came 59th in his age group (40-44) out of 750 riders in 3hr 11 mins (an average of 24.8mph) and qualified for France. He managed to cling on to Matt Bottrill’s wheel for a while, but was then forced to do his own work in the chasing pack whilst avoiding numerous crashes and collapsing fenland roads/tracks(!).   Nigel Walsh (60-64) got under 4 hours despite time-trialing it solo most of the way (good practice for the 100m TT next year?!)

The Chrono was Charlie’s last TT (he had sold his helmet within 10 minutes of the finish!) and so a quick history and a few words about our top club rider over the last few years…..(bear with it, there’s a good photo at the end).

For Charlie it all started 7 years ago when he decided to take up time-trialling with the NN Wheelers.  One of his first recorded club TTs was an early season opener at Horsford in 2011 which he did in 24:24 (not that great!).  Over the next year however he soon improved and probably didn’t get above 24 minutes for a 10 ever again!, with a 22.43 on the same course the following year followed a month later by a 22.23 on our regular Pretty Corner course.  Not one for hi-tec training and advanced equipment he used his natural physical ability and hard work to become one of the best riders in the Eastern Counties.

Early on his hard work and dedication to the sport soon proved successful with some notable performances in 2012 in the District 50 mile Championship, placing top 6 in 1hr 49 mins.  Over the years he has picked up numerous club trophies including Best All Rounder most years and regular top three finishes in open events.  This culminated in a very successful 2016 where he was the East District Cycling Association Championship winner for both 15 and 25 miles. The 15m TT was done in a staggering 29.30, the fastest ever recorded in the East Region (and his fastest ever average speed for both 10 and 15 miles).   That year he also managed to get a 20.30 on our local Pretty Corner 10m TT, which is no mean feat on this undulating course and was the fastest since Zak Carr set the course record of 20.07 over 20 years ago.   Charlie had a great battle over the years with Aiden Bond on the 18.5m hilly.  With only a few seconds between them in 2015 Aiden had the course record, until this year when Charlie just beat the record with 44.48 on this testing course.  A 24.8mph average is no mean feat with two tough climbs and numerous bends and will take some beating.

I liked Charlies laid back, methodical approach to the sport, he always used fairly basic equipment sourced from Planet X (they should have sponsored him!) and old school training of just grinding it out with power at a low cadence.  One of his winter training tips was to pedal hard on the turbo for 2 hours staring at a shed door and repeat three times a week.  When he started integrated bikes and power meters were almost unheard of in the amateur world.  In the last couple of years the sport has got more hi-tec and people are getting faster, with people buying speed with £10k ‘superbikes’ now more widely used, as well as use of personal trainers, advances in sports science and aero-testing available to amateurs.  (In the US there are some TT events now with limits set for bikes/equipment to ensure a more level playing field).  Although I’m sure he could have enjoyed another 7 years, maybe this point was a good time for him to finish.  By his own admission he had probably peaked within the resources available to him (he never wanted to move to ‘bigger club’), he didn’t want the continued time commitment to training and was also up for a new challenge.  All the best Charlie for whatever the future holds (I’m sure I just saw him running over the cliffs…).

There are some great photos of him in TT action on our website, but this last one is the best…charlie nurse 2017